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Is your child getting the right vaccines at the right time?

Children aren’t fully vaccinated until after they get all recommended doses of a vaccine.

It’s important to get your child started at the right time. And to follow up on time when more than one dose is needed to build strong-enough immunity to help protect your child from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Delaying vaccines could leave your child at risk for these diseases.

Good to know:

One reason the CDC recommends more than one dose for some vaccines is that more than one dose is needed to help build stronger immunity for your child.

Things to do:

Get a customized vaccine list you can discuss with your child’s doctor:

See the CDC-recommended vaccine schedules:

Explore vaccines by age group:

Following the CDC’s vaccination schedule may help protect your child

The CDC works with hundreds of the country’s top doctors, scientists, and vaccine experts to create its vaccination schedule.

The schedule includes:

  • The age at which children should receive the vaccines, starting at birth and continuing into adulthood
  • The number of doses for each childhood vaccine
  • The time in between doses
  • Who should not get the vaccine or if parents need to talk with the doctor first

Even if you are behind on your child’s vaccinations you can still protect them. The CDC recommends specific catch-up vaccines.

Start your child off at the right time when it comes to vaccines.

Young babies have the highest chance of becoming seriously ill from diseases that vaccines may help prevent. That’s why it’s important for kids to get their recommended and appropriate vaccines on time—to help protect them from potentially serious childhood diseases.

This is an important way to help protect your child before they come into contact with a disease that may be harmful.

A few things to keep in mind

The CDC recommends follow-up doses and annual shots for some vaccines because:

  • For some vaccines, protection may wear off over time
  • For other vaccines, some people do not build enough protection after just one dose
  • For flu vaccines, everyone 6 months and older needs to get a dose every year because:
    • Each year there can be different flu viruses
    • Protection wears off with time

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